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0.5m RJ45 Cat6 Cable Black Snagless

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0.5m RJ45 Cat6 Cable Black Snagless

  • 24AWG (Average Wire Gauge)
  • Stranded conductor makes cable more flexible
  • Flush moulded boot makes RJ45 connector very hard to break
  • Snagless boots offer the clip good protection from breaking off
  • UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cancels out electromagnetic interference
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Product Description

Our Cat5e network cables are ideal for use both in the office and at home. They can be used to interconnect a wide variety of network devices.

They feature the RJ45 connector on both ends of the cable. It is used as the standard connection type for the vast majority of all networked devices in use today

Despite the low price, these are high quality cables. We purchase them in very large quantities from our suppliers and are therefore able to pass the savings on to you.

Typical uses include connecting your PC, laptop, Smart TV, PS4 or Xbox to your ADSL / Cable router either directly or via a network switch, hub or powerline adapter. This gives your device an internet connection and can therefore enable media steaming and online gaming.

We use these cables extensively in commercial premises as the patch panel cable within rack mount cabinets. We stock a variety of different colours and therefore they can be used to easily identify the different devices connected to the various ports from within the patch panel (i.e. black for data / computers, orange for VOIP phones, green for CCTV etc).

They have been tested and pass the Cat5e specification and are therefore guaranteed to transfer data at a speed of up 100Mbps error free. However, we have found them to still work well in 1Gbps networks.

The strain relief design makes the cables both durable and easy to bend whilst the boot design means the clip is protected from getting caught but still easy to access.


  • UTP (unshielded Twisted Pair) - these cables are 8 core with 4 twisted pairs
  • 24AWG (Average Wire Gauge)
  • Stranded - each conductor is formed from multiple strands which makes them more flexible, easier to bend and extremely hard wearing unlike solid core cabling
  • Flush Moulded Boot - the design of our boot makes it almost impossible to break the RJ45 connector away from the cable
  • Snagless - our boot design offers protection from the clip getting caught on other cables but still allows easy access
  • Strain Relief - the flexible moulded panel at the end of the boot protects the internal wires from any other stresses

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